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Re: OD Speedo numbers

To: Mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: OD Speedo numbers
From: Rob Meredith <>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 13:51:40 +1000
>Mike Lishego wrote:
>> Hello all,
>>         I know this is covered from time to time, but there is a numeric
>> difference between a regular and overdrive speedometer.  Can anyone tell me
>> what that difference is?  I'm talking about the number on the face of the
>> unit.
>I just had an OD from an 80 B installed in my 74 BGT - I was told that
>the speedo I need has the number 1000 on the faceplate - looking but
>havent found one yet.

Hi all,

This has got me thinking.  I've been having speedo problems with my 72B
Roadster.  As far as I can tell, there are 2 (I think...).  First is that
from time to time, the speedo is wildly eratic.  This I believe is
explained by a problem with the speedo cable (ie. worn, or poorly
lubricated, or dirt or grit in the sheath...).  Haven't had a chance to
test this theory with a new cable yet, though.

The second problem is that even when the speedo is not behaving
erratically, it appears to be overstating the speed by about 10MPH (I
think).  At least when travelling in a 60Kph zone, the speedo reads about
50MPH (tacho states ~2200 RPM in fourth).  Doing the MPH->KPH conversion,
the speedo should read 38 when travelling at 60KPH.

Given that my car is a non-overdrive vehicle (at least there is no
overdrive in at the moment, there is no nor ever has been an overdrive
badge and there is no record of overdrive removal in my receipts history),
could the problem be caused by having an overdrive speedo attached to a non
overdrive transmission??  Or am I barking up the wrong tree and should I be
looking for a new speedo unit?

Cheers all, and sorry for the wordy posting!

Rob Meredith '72B

** Rob Meredith BComp(CompSc)  BComp(InfoSys)(Hons)
** PhD Candidate
** School Of Information Management And Systems
** Monash University  AUSTRALIA

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