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RE: "tatty" cars and 4 wheel drift

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Subject: RE: "tatty" cars and 4 wheel drift
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Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 16:52:01 -0500
What exactly is "4 wheel drift?"


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You sound a bit down on trailer queens but I'm sure this is not what you
- your depth of feeling for appreciating the fun and driveability of our
is your main point.  I agree and think your sentiment captures the essence
why I have 4 MGs sitting in my garage.

Hey, 4 wheel drift may not be better than sex but it's up there on the
'really, really, really fun stuff to do' scale!!!

Dr. Doug

>The guy with the "tatty" blue 'B I talked to in the parking lot
>told me of a recent drive with a buddy in the car.  "My friend
>says 'do you know you were in a 4-wheel drift back there' and I
>said 'yeah, isn't that what this car was built for?'"

>He's right, that's what they were built for.

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