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Re: Midget Owners?

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Subject: Re: Midget Owners?
From: Larry Macy <>
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 07:16:57 -0400
I have been on the list for several years. I have a 78 Midget, used to 
have a 76. But that is another story. There are several others of us here 
as well. We have a rarer car than the run of the mill B.

I have had mine up in the 100mph Range. Ask Gene Fox or Dr. Doug what a 
well tuned 1500 Midget will do. They will out handle any stock B ever 
made. Won't out run 'em. I get along with the B and A drivers I have met 
fairly well in person,  as well as on this list. Only person I ever met 
that I know owned a T is Ian Pender, but that is a different cut of 
grass. If any of you that know me own a T -Sorry, after all they are 
officially know as Midget anyway.

You don't say what year MIdget? There are several differences over the 
years. Engine displacement, slight differences in body, CB vs Rb, etc. I 
run mine at a sustained 70 about 4000 RPM all day long.  The biggest put 
down them other MGers have is the 1500 is a Tr*&^ph Spit engine. And for 
folks that drive a tractor motor - Huh?     
Just kidding - I read the recent thread on the origins of the tractor 
motor story.


>>>>On 8/8/99 10:49 PM so and so ( said. (And I quote:)

>A beautiful Midget has caught my eye, and I was curious to see what kind 
>of a 
>Spridget presence there is on this list.
>If there are any of you out there, I'd like to know how these cars are on 
>highway (Can I sustain 55-65 without going nuts?), will I blow off to the 
>shoulder when a semi passes me at 80? How different is driving a Midget than 
>an MGB? Do MG fans like these cars, or are they frowned down upon by the 
>purists, the same way that, say, Porsche fanatics looks at the 
>914/924/944/968/928 cars?
>I'd love to hear of any good web resources (I've already hit 
>and Midgetweb).
>Thanks for your time,

Larry Macy
78 Midget

Keep your top down and your chin up.

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