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Midget Owners?

Subject: Midget Owners?
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 16:03:57 -0400
          The right honorable Dr. Macy said:
          I have been on the list for several years. I have a 78 Midget, used 
          have a 76. But that is another story. There are several others of us 
          here as well. We have a rarer car than the run of the mill B.
          I have had mine up in the 100mph Range. Ask Gene Fox or Dr. Doug what 
          a well tuned 1500 Midget will do.
          Dr. Doug replied:
          Sorry Tom, I can't be of much help verifying Macy's assertions.  
          You see, I only ever see Larry's Midget from the vantage of the 
          rear view mirror of my MGC, invariably while he is trying to 
          catch up to me:-)  Many apologies.  
          Perhaps Mr. Fox can be of some assistance.  I seem to recall 
          passing a blur that resembled his LBC while heading north on 95 
          last year from MGs on the Rocks in MD.
          Dr. Doug

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