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Fuel Pump

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Subject: Fuel Pump
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 20:36:44 +0100
My factory V8 came to me nearly 5 years ago with an SU pump with Hall-effect
electronics.  I have done 45k in the car, the PO had it for several years
but did little mileage, and although he was anal about writing down
everything he did to the car (that's not to say he fixed everything that was
wrong with it) he makes no mention of the fuel pump.

The pump has just started playing sometimes - weak pumping and fuel
starvation.  I disconnected the fuel pipe at the carb and fed it into a
bottle so I could test the pump.  Each time I turned it on it would seem to
make three pumps then miss one, a bit like a horse galloping, before
settling down to a regular ker-chunk, ker-chunk, ker-chunk etc.  After it
been doing this for about 20 secs or so it would stop for a couple of
seconds before starting again.  During this time I had the end-cap off
looking at what was happening mechanically.  Eventually it settled right
down - no more galloping or pauses.

To be honest I would expect a pump with points and a capacitor to run for at
least 60k miles, and with a 75 car with the electrics end of the pump in the
spare wheel well I think I would rather have a points pump and be able to do
something with them when it fails.  With this pump, if it stops, it is

Anyone else had experience of these types of pumps?

or if that doesn't work try

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