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Re: Fuel Pump

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Subject: Re: Fuel Pump
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 21:08:12 +0100
Hi Paul,

It *looks* original as it is very neat.  Everything back from the solenoid
housing is obviously part of the electronic installation.  Two small 12v and
ground tags protrude out of the end of the plastic cap from a plate that the
transistor is mounted on.  No info from PO.

Glad to hear you are getting on well, I think mine (V8) is ready to take
over the mantle of 'rust-bucket' from yours.  Got some time off coming up
where I plan to replace the clutch hydraulics and brake M/C, the SU needles
and jets, and the RHS rear 1/4 panel.  The roadster is waitiong for its new
back axle and propshaft UJs to be fitted.  Oh, and the Navigator says the
bedroom needs decorating (looks fine to me and has done for the last 12


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Date: 09 August 1999 21:19
Subject: RE: Fuel Pump

>Paul H.,
>I'm glad you provided your comments on the SU pump.  I am curious though -
>if the pump was installed by the PO at least 5 years ago, is this the same
>Hall-effect unit that SU/Burlen is now selling?  I bought a Burlen Services
>catalog about 3 years ago, and there was no mention of totally electronic
>pumps at that time.  I seem to recall an aftermarket Hall-effect module
>you could buy and install in your pump, this seemed to hit the Britcar
>magazines about 5 years ago.  Maybe this is what you have in your pump?
>the PO of your car provide any documentation on the pump or module,
>receipts, etc.?
>Hope all is well with you - I am continuing to clean and recondition parts
>for when I finally get the bodyshell back.  I hope to have the finest
>Factory GT V-8 in North America (but with a total field of 20 cars there
>will be precious few to compare!).
>Paul Kile
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>From: Paul Hunt []
>Sent: Monday, August 09, 1999 12:37 PM
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>Subject: Fuel Pump
>My factory V8 came to me nearly 5 years ago with an SU pump with
>electronics.  I have done 45k in the car, the PO had it for several years
>but did little mileage, and although he was anal about writing down
>everything he did to the car (that's not to say he fixed everything that
>wrong with it) he makes no mention of the fuel pump.
>The pump has just started playing sometimes - weak pumping and fuel
>starvation.  I disconnected the fuel pipe at the carb and fed it into a
>bottle so I could test the pump.  Each time I turned it on it would seem to
>make three pumps then miss one, a bit like a horse galloping, before
>settling down to a regular ker-chunk, ker-chunk, ker-chunk etc.  After it
>been doing this for about 20 secs or so it would stop for a couple of
>seconds before starting again.  During this time I had the end-cap off
>looking at what was happening mechanically.  Eventually it settled right
>down - no more galloping or pauses.
>To be honest I would expect a pump with points and a capacitor to run for
>least 60k miles, and with a 75 car with the electrics end of the pump in
>spare wheel well I think I would rather have a points pump and be able to
>something with them when it fails.  With this pump, if it stops, it is
>Anyone else had experience of these types of pumps?
>or if that doesn't work try

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