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I've had it! (with looking for brake air)

To: "MG LIST" <>
Subject: I've had it! (with looking for brake air)
From: "Dan Ray" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 19:54:32 -0500
Yes, I'm afraid I might just break my long streak of never taking the B to a
The new White Post M/C is in and working ok, but there is air getting in
SOMEWHERE in the front system, I think on the right side line. This is the
same symptom I've had for a while, replacing M/Cs, etc. Is it possible that
the bleed valves on the caliper is leaking air?
There are no external leaks. Hmmph...maybe I'll try my Loctite teflon sealer
trick on the bleed valves.
I'm at the end of my rope with looking for the air!

73 B

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