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Re: I've had it! (with looking for brake air)

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Subject: Re: I've had it! (with looking for brake air)
From: "Dan Ray" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 19:00:53 -0500
Is there a "Lockheed, Earl of Air???
This is the brake M/C, not the clutch. There must be air getting in
somewhere...constant air bubbles using the suction method, not the pedal
pump method. I've tried that method too and got better results, but air
seems to get in after, leading me to believe there's a leak along the
line/caliper/bleed valve route. And no, I haven't touched the calipers at
all and they grab fine with the "double-pump" of the pedal to build
pressure-so that would seem that the caliper rings are ok. Of course, I've
learned that on a long drive, double-pedalling eventually builds heat and
pressure to lock up the brakes! (duh!)
Guess I'll try the soapy water air-finding trick...This will be tantamount
to the "divining rod" method of finding water, I'm sure. But oh well.
By the much fluid as I've slopped everywhere installing m/c's and
bleeding...there's really no telling if there's a small leak! haha ;) Good
thing the paint is old.
What is an appropriate sacrifice to the "Earl of Air" anyway? Go fly a kite?
Breathe into the master cylinder reservoir with some smoke from the wires?


73 B

>>Wild gueess here.  Many years ago I rebuilt the (dual) MC on an MGA, and
>>afterwards couldn't get the clutch slave to bleed properly.  No matter how
>>much pumping and bleeding we did it still had air coming out, maybe
>>cubic feet of the stuff.  Apparently the fresh MC would create a small
>>vacuum in the line on the return stroke, and the old slave rubber cup was
>>so weak that it was sucking air in past he the slave cup on the return
>>stroke.  I repacked the slave with a new rubber cup and all was well
>> Have you repacked or replaced the wheel cylinders?
>>Barney Gaylord
>>1958 MGA with an attitude

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