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Oderous cockpit

Subject: Oderous cockpit
From: Scott/Michelle <>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 18:48:45 -0400
Ok, here goes, and bare with me!

I have discovered too many DPO home engineered fixes to mention, but this is
the best.
I recently attended my first MG club meeting, and following the dinner we
all went out to take a look at my 75B, and the first thing out of the guy
who sat next to me was....."wow no smog control". I didn't even know I was
missing anything. I figured out a while ago that DPO had the vac advance
disabled, but figured that would be an easy fix.....down the road. I am so
depressed, I have no CLUE what all she is missing, but lets say that the
left side of the motor looks quite bare, compared to my shop manual.      
*****It should be obvious that my technical ability is low, seeing how I
have had the car for four months before learning of the newest affliction
cancering my poor LBC.*****

I know that I need to get all of this stuff in line, but where do I begin? I
have a list of parts that she is missing but my friendly moss cat says NA on
almost all of them.....and the junk yards here are of NO help whatsoever!

my question is....what damage can this do to the motor, if any....and what
does this system really control.
The hit list of MIA parts reads as follows

1. air pump 
2. air cleaner assmbly
3. check valve
4. gulp valve
and all of the assorted hoses that go with this system.......

so TIA for any replies... I guess this is why I smell fumes.....

75MGB...learning experience of a lifetime

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