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Re: Oderous cockpit

To: Scott/Michelle <>
Subject: Re: Oderous cockpit
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 02:15:06 -0500
Scott/Michelle wrote:
> Ok, here goes, and bare with me!
> I have discovered too many DPO home engineered fixes to mention, but this is
> the best.
> I recently attended my first MG club meeting, and following the dinner we
> all went out to take a look at my 75B, and the first thing out of the guy
> who sat next to me was....."wow no smog control". I didn't even know I was
> missing anything. I figured out a while ago that DPO had the vac advance
> disabled, but figured that would be an easy fix.....down the road. I am so
> depressed, I have no CLUE what all she is missing, but lets say that the
> left side of the motor looks quite bare, compared to my shop manual.
> *****It should be obvious that my technical ability is low, seeing how I
> have had the car for four months before learning of the newest affliction
> cancering my poor LBC.*****
> I know that I need to get all of this stuff in line, but where do I begin? I
> have a list of parts that she is missing but my friendly moss cat says NA on
> almost all of them.....and the junk yards here are of NO help whatsoever!
> my question is....what damage can this do to the motor, if any....and what
> does this system really control.
> The hit list of MIA parts reads as follows
> 1. air pump
> 2. air cleaner assmbly
> 3. check valve
> 4. gulp valve
> and all of the assorted hoses that go with this system.......
> so TIA for any replies... I guess this is why I smell fumes.....
> Scott
> 75MGB...learning experience of a lifetime

Scott, I'm brand new on the MG list, but I've been building my owm
engines and fixing my own cars since 1964. My opinion: Most of this
smog-control crap is faux-engineering in order to meet unreasonable,
uninformed legislation.

If you want to exactly re-create the original system, as it was
installed on your car whem new, this is something I can totally respect,
beiung a bit obsessive-compulsive myself, so I will do anything I can to
help you realize this aim, but . . .  (sorry; opinion again) 

I think most of this "smog-control" stuff was "straining at gnats and
swallowing camels" if you get my drift. The Ideal System vented its
emissions to the environment . . . ka <poop>. 

If it was really efficient (read "small and light") it was okay in terms
of "relative harm done per task completed." If not, it was a "source of
pollution." Unfortunately (but predictably), the subsequent laws were
written to favor the big ugly American Iron-Mongery (since that was
Where the Money Was).

The laws are not honest.  ;)

When you consider that every single piece of legislation proposed in
every democratic nation in the last fifty + years has been automatically
searched by teams of experts to see if they can find any possible market
advantage for their various clients in the wording of the legislative
package and that it is reasonable and logical to expect that these
groups control literally millions of dollars in "lobby money," is it any
wonder we live in the world we live in?

(Sorry; got carried away)

If you want to make it original, e-mail me; I have some really magical
(fortunate) connections in the UK.

If you just want it to be a nice sweet-smelling,
environmentally-friendly, reliable sporty-runner, e-mail me; my advice
might be illegal.  ;)

-Rock (If I should stifle and read for a while, just chide me. I tend to
do both left feet first.)  ;)
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