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How to check the oil pressure gauge

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Subject: How to check the oil pressure gauge
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 22:34:44 +0200
Dear listers,

Today I dared to switch the starter after more than 8 years of standstill.
I must say it was a special moment!
The engine cranked a bit slow when the spark plugs still were in, so I
removed these.
Cranking went quickly (no fuel pump connected and no ignition connected
I want to be sure to have one thing checked at one time, in order to avoid
trouble and to oversee something which goes wrong.

Anyway I expected oil pressure on the gauge when cranking.
However no sign at all.
The instrument needle moved just a little when the ignition was switched on.
I checked the connector on the transducer and it looked all right.

How do I test this circuit: 
a       test the gauge seperately?
b       if the gauge is o.k. how do I test the wiring to the gauge?
c       how do I test the good working of the transducer?
d       how do I check if there is real oil pressure anyway
e       the Haynes manual shows quite some white spots on the wiring
        the oil pressure sender (transducer) is listed as number 147, but I
        see it. is there someone who could send me a scanned diagram showing

        how this circuit is wired? funny to see, that the oil pressure gauge
in the
        wiring diagram only is connected to the dash instrument illumination
circuit. (43)
        the diagram does not show any connection to the sender.
f       should the ignition be connected first, before one can expect a good
        oil pressure gauge? mine was disconnect at this try...

I have checked the temperature gauge by grounding the connector which
normally fits onto the temparature feeler on the engine block for about 5
seconds. I then saw this gauge move to hot.
I earlier tested the fuel gauge the same way.

Can I use a similar method for the oil pressure gauge as well?




'71 MGBGT making more sounds each time....including horns and cranking

p.s. I love the sound of Jack-Baker.wav loaded from one of the 

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