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Re: How to check the oil pressure gauge

Subject: Re: How to check the oil pressure gauge
From: John Walker <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 13:49:46 -0700
How long did you crank the starter before you stopped.
It takes several seconds of cranking before the oil pump engages.
When I put my motor back together I thought I had a problem as well.
My father in law suggested that I try letting it crank a little longer and
enough the pressure eventually came.


At 10:34 PM 8/16/99 +0200, Hans Duinhoven wrote:
>Dear listers,
>Today I dared to switch the starter after more than 8 years of standstill.
>I must say it was a special moment!
>The engine cranked a bit slow when the spark plugs still were in, so I
>removed these.
>Cranking went quickly (no fuel pump connected and no ignition connected
>I want to be sure to have one thing checked at one time, in order to avoid
>trouble and to oversee something which goes wrong.
>Anyway I expected oil pressure on the gauge when cranking.
>However no sign at all.
>The instrument needle moved just a little when the ignition was switched on.
>I checked the connector on the transducer and it looked all right.
>How do I test this circuit: 
>a      test the gauge seperately?
>b      if the gauge is o.k. how do I test the wiring to the gauge?
>c      how do I test the good working of the transducer?
>d      how do I check if there is real oil pressure anyway
>e      the Haynes manual shows quite some white spots on the wiring
>       the oil pressure sender (transducer) is listed as number 147, but I
>       see it. is there someone who could send me a scanned diagram showing
>       how this circuit is wired? funny to see, that the oil pressure gauge
>in the
>       wiring diagram only is connected to the dash instrument illumination
>circuit. (43)
>       the diagram does not show any connection to the sender.
>f      should the ignition be connected first, before one can expect a good
>       oil pressure gauge? mine was disconnect at this try...
>I have checked the temperature gauge by grounding the connector which
>normally fits onto the temparature feeler on the engine block for about 5
>seconds. I then saw this gauge move to hot.
>I earlier tested the fuel gauge the same way.
>Can I use a similar method for the oil pressure gauge as well?
>'71 MGBGT making more sounds each time....including horns and cranking
>p.s. I love the sound of Jack-Baker.wav loaded from one of the 

        John Walker
~= Early 1974 MGB =~
       In Progress :)

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