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RE: How to check the oil pressure gauge

To: James Nazarian Jr <James.Nazarian@Colorado.EDU>,
Subject: RE: How to check the oil pressure gauge
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 12:46:55 +0200
Hi James,

Have you heard any news how the gauge can be tested?
Temporarely (5 seconds max) grounding the other gauges to my opinion is not
really bad to do.
It forces the instrument though, but as the instrumnet works on the "hot
wire"principle, a short time short to ground does not create to much heat.

The oil pressure gauge I assume works on a different principle, because if I
remember it well, the needle can move quickly unlike the temp. and fuel
gauge can and need to do so.
Oil pressure varie directly with the rev. speed of the engine.

Have you go a wiring diagram showing the electrical setup of this gauge?




'71 BGT definitively equipped with an electrical oil pressure gauge

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> Hans,
> The guage went electrical at some point between 66 and 71.  The sender is
> located just below the engine id tag.  It is a cylinder with a small oil
> pipe coming out of the rear into the block and the other side has a
> connector for a single wire that goes into the harness and directly to the
> oil guage.  If memory serves me the wire is white with brown but I could
> be wrong.  The sender and gauge work similarly to the temperature stuff,
> but I don't remember how exactly to test them, I think that if you ground
> the sender lead while it is connected to the gauge you will get one
> extreme and if you connect it to +12v then you will get the other.
> Someone please back me up here so I don't say something that will fry his
> oil gauge. 
> James Nazarian
> '71 B roadster
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> '63 Buick 215 cubic inch 'heart'
> On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Skye Poier wrote:
> > Word on the street is that Hans Duinhoven said:
> > >   how this circuit is wired? funny to see, that the oil pressure gauge
> > > in the
> > >   wiring diagram only is connected to the dash instrument illumination
> > > circuit. (43)
> > >   the diagram does not show any connection to the sender.
> > 
> > Unless it changed between 1966 and 1971, the oil pressure gauge is
> controlled
> > by real live oil fed from a pipe that comes from the block just behind
> the
> > distributor.
> > 
> > Skye
> > 
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