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Fw: Re: wire wheel repair

Subject: Fw: Re: wire wheel repair
From: "Thomas James Pokrefke, III" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 17:58:48 -0500
Good advice in here, it's basically the procedure I use.  However, I
have never found a spoke that was not rusted to the nipple.  That's of
no concern if the spoke is already broken, but if you need to tighten a
loose spoke, I advise the following procedure for painted wires (I never
tried it on chrome, I bet it's ugly):

A.  Use a MAPP/Oxygen torch, available from Sears, Lowe's, etc.  A
propane torch is not hot enough.

B.  Heat the offending nipple until it glows cherry red.  Remove the
torch, and hose the spokre, pour a bucket of water on it, etc.

C.  Loosen/tighten spoke as usual.  Don't touch the spoke.  Or the rim. 
Look at my arms to see what happens when your suddenly realize the piece
of metal you just laid your arms on was recently heated to the
neighborhood of 500 degrees.

And of course, YMMV.

Thomas James Pokrefke, III
1970 MGB  (don't ask me why, but I painted my wire wheels black again)

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 From: Max Heim <>
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 Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 14:41:09 -0700
 Subject: Re: wire wheel repair

I know I've done this -- let me see if I can recall the procedure. I need 
to replace three more sometime soon (they're contagious -- once you get 
one on a wheel they start to multiply). I didn't completely remove the 
tire and tube, although if you're doing several it might be more 
convenient. I have chrome wires so new paint wasn't an issue.

1. remove wheel from vehicle

2. deflate tire completely

3. use spoke wrench (and penetrating solvent, usually) to loosen nipple

4. sometime around this step the broken tip should be encouraged to fall 
out through the center hub, if it hasn't already

5. remove long end of broken spoke from nipple (taking care to observe 
exact position relative to neighbor spokes). If you're planning on 
keeping the nipple, don't let it fall inside the rim.

6. if you need to replace the nipple, break tire bead loose from rim on 
one side and squish it down to expose inside of rim. Pull away protective 
rubber band (if present) that covers spoke ends and nipples. If rubber 
band not present, consider acquiring one.

6. feed new spoke through hub, threading it through neighbor spokes, and 
try to start it on nipple

7. tighten nipple with spoke wrench, but not all the way tight. Tap 
several other spokes (of same length) with loosely held spoke wrench and 
listen to the tone. Memorize that note, and tighten new spoke to match 
(higher note is too tight; lower note is too slack). Recheck adjoining 
spoke tones and opposite spoke tone to make sure you haven't altered them.

8. if you installed new nipple, make sure rubber band is replaced, 
covering new spoke end. Inflate tire carefully, making sure inner tube is 
not pinched or twisted, and that tire bead seats in rim. Recheck spoke 

9. (optional handy hint) Clean all grease from inside hub. Use clear 
silicone sealer to cover spoke heads. This will keep hot grease from 
flowing out along spokes, thereby attracting dirt. Let dry. Re-grease hub 

10. replace wheel on vehicle

Hope this helps.

Dan Terlizzi had this to say:

>I have to replace several broken spokes on a wire wheel from my 72 MGB. 
>I would appreciate any pointers on this repair. Thanks very much in 
>advance--in several months of lurking I have learned a great deal from 
>this knowlegeable and friendly group.
>72 MGB (Red)
>86 Toyota Land Cruiser (white and rust, AKA a coastal two tone)
>Dan Terlizzi
>Sea Grant Water Quality Specialist
>Phone: 410-386-2760 Fax: 410-876-0132
>"If there is magic on this planet it is found in water"...Loren Eisley


Max Heim
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If you're near Mountain View, CA,
it's the red one with the silver bootlid.

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