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My Early BGT

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Subject: My Early BGT
From: "RL Chrysler" <lchrysl@fhs.csu.McMaster.CA>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 22:11:36 -0400
Hi folks,
I just got on this list today, and am eager to try to be a helpful lister.
I'm in the early stages of a full restoration on what I believe to be a
rather early MGB/GT. Her ser. no. is GHD3L84510, and the body no. tag is
002450P. It seems to me that most of the early GT's were registered as 1966
cars, the time they were produced, dispatched from Abingdon, and made
their way over the pond to North America, and were sold to their first
owner, the paperwork recognised them as '66's. Mine is registered as a 1965,
therefore I'm assuming the car is fairly early.
Another pont of interest; I read in a mid 1980's issue of the NAMGBR
magazine that the earliest BGT's were not produced at Abingdon at all for
the first while. Anybody know where they were assembled, and how long this
took place before Abingdon took them on as per usual?
Rich Chrysler

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