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To: mgs List <>
Subject: yes or no
From: "James H. Nazarian" <>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 14:56:17 -0500
Good Morning Mg List,

A few days ago I was completing the membership application to join the
BMW Motorcycle Owners of
America. One of the interesting features they offer to members is a
publication they call the BMW MOA
Anonymous book. The purpose of this publication is to offer members a
resource for a bit of help should a
breakdown occur while traveling. The information they publish includes
the following:

Membership number
Location of town (i.e. 290 miles southeast of New York City)
Phone Number(s)
A list of codes describing assistance you can offer a stranded MG driver

    C=camping or tent space
    B=sheltered bedroll space
    D=distance in miles willing to travel to help
    WS=space to work on MG
    T=trailer available
    P=spare parts available

Unexpected breakdowns occur, and can become terrifically expensive and
quite scary if you're alone. It
has happened to every MG I've had personal contact with. I think it is
one of the reasons we like to drive to
events in a caravan. Very often the part needed to get home is a $10
part that everyone has a spare of . . .
at home. I thought the BMW MOA idea would be of great benefit to MG
drivers too.

I think it is okay to dispense with printing full names, but I wouldn't
object either way. In lieu of a
membership number we could just print the first name. . .

This would be really easy for us to do:
I prepare a form and send it to the list
we each type our own listing info; e-mail it back to me (or anyone else
who is willing to do the task); the
info is copied and pasted from the e-mail to the book listing, organized
by State, and locale
finally I e-mail the complete book back to each entrant to print if he
or she wishes.

If you are interested in this being done, e-mail a message with the word
Yes, (or the word No if you don't
want it done) in the subject field, and send it to the following

James H. Nazarian <>


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