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Re: yes or no

To: Kevin Sullivan <>
Subject: Re: yes or no
From: Albert F Jones <>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 14:48:51 -0600
Thanks Kevin,

        The more we get, the better help we can be, as a network across the 

        I'd really like to see this cover the whole aspect of LBCs, whatever
marque.  Can you really imagine not helping some just because they had a
T*****h., or vice versa,  because they had an MG.

        The more that we can do to help each other the better, say I.

        Any more offers?

At 01:43 PM 12/1/99 -0700, Kevin Sullivan wrote:
>On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Albert F Jones wrote:
>>      Perhaps you haven't seen the list that we keep of this sort of thing at
>>      Listers were asked what they would like to offer in the way of help, and
>> all the info is provided with the suppliers agreement.
>>      If you would like to add your name to this list, let me know, and I'll 
>> you added .................... and anyone else who would also care to
>> contribute.
>> Elizabeth Jones
>> Comfort,m TX
>Put me on the list, 505 266 1328 home 505 837 6500 ext 488 work.  Can't
>offer a tow (see vehicle list below) until I find a Dodge Power Wagon
>(!!!!) but other than that....  You need someone in New Mexico. 
>Kevin Sullivan   
>Khoral Research Inc.
>Albuquerque NM USA 
>1960 MGA           "Baby"
>1957 Magnette ZB   "Pup"
>1959 Magnette ZB   "P2"

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