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Re: MGB Bumpers

To: MG Listserver <>
Subject: Re: MGB Bumpers
From: Chris Attias <>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 12:02:11 -0800
I don't know about the difference between roadster and GT bumpers, if 
there is one, but I did find a rather unique overrider from Moss the 
last time I ordered.  It was a part numbered as a rear overrider, but 
it didn't look quite didn't match the curvature of the 
bumper, nor the license plate light plinth curve , and seemed a 
little too pointy.  The mystery was solved when I got the front 
bumper kit--someone in Taiwan(?) had mixed fronts and rears and 
punched out front ones with the light hole...or is this the extremely 
rare and costly LeMans repro Special Tuning part?
Chris Attias
'64 MGB
'84 Alfa Romeo GTV-6

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