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Re: MGB Bumpers

To: "James H. Nazarian" <>,
Subject: Re: MGB Bumpers
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 19:12:44 -0000
As far as I am aware BMIHT are the only people manufacturing the body
shells, but there are loads of companies, in addition to BMIHT,
manufacturing individual panels and everything else we can buy 'new'.  Some
of this stuff is absolute dross, frequently being produced from a press-tool
that itself was produced from a mould off an original panel (or maybe not
even an original).  In other words it is *not* a misconception that MG parts
distributors are supplying parts of different quality and origin, and the
parts that we see do *not* all come from the same place.  However anything
that claims to be 'manufactured again from the original tooling' really
ought to be made either by BMIHT or a licence holder, and either come in
BMIHT packaging or carry its logo.  Anything that doesn't could have been
made anywhere by anyone.


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> IMHO some of us are of the misimpression occasionally that any or all MG
> distributors are supplying parts of different quality and origin. I'm
> that there are some exceptions, but has the British Heritage become a
> Whatever this organization is, envelopes the manufacture of the body
shells and
> most other "manufactured again from the original tooling" parts. The parts
> see all come from the same place. That being the case, the only
differences the
> buyer should encounter have to do with price and customer service from the
> chosen vendor.
> Then there is the issue of chrome... I've thrown lottsa money away on
> and bumpers and accessories that are disappointing in the chrome quality,
> of visible grind marks, and very poor reproductions of the original shape
> the MGA grill badge holder originally had a nice sharp point; the repros
> like 4th generation knock-offs.). You can expect this junk to show more ru
> after just a couple of driving seasons than the 25 year old part it
> Oh, I almost forgot; the Taiwan reproductions rarely fit. (Anyone want to
buy a
> repro grill for 1974 MGB-GT? or a bonnet for MGB?) If we get this kind of
> from a vendor, we should not remain silent about it.
> I once got a "deal" on 5 MGB repro-bumpers still in their original
> out of the bunch, only one was acceptable to me. I dumped the rest. I'd
> pay more in the first place than have to deal with repeatedly replacing
> same item. In the long run, having something rechromed is better.
> If anyone knows I'm wrong about British Heritage, please show me. I'd like
> keep my "expertise" as up to date as possible.
> Jim
> David Councill wrote:
> > Now that I screwed up on the bumpers when I meant fenders. I am fairly
> > certain that the bumpers are identical. The fenders are different
> > the roadster has a cut in the front fender for the windshield.
> >
> > I know all about the bumper overriders because my 67 BGT came without
> > overriders on front and rear. But the previous owner had two front
> > overriders in boxes that he got from VB but hadn't installed. He also
> > me two years worth of VB catalogs which I promptly threw away. I ended
> > ordering the rear overriders from the Proper MG and found one had the
> > hole bracket welded in the wrong spot. I had to return it after cursing
> > about cheap repro parts. Denise from this list told me I should have
> > used but it was too late. Took about a month before I got the
> >
> > But the point of the story is the front overriders from VB and the rear
> > overriders from the Proper MG had the same made in Taiwan stickers on
> > Same source, different distributers.
> >
> > The overriders were almost interchangeable too - I noticed the front
> > overriders fit on the rear bumper just as well as the rear ones did. And
> > debated using them since I didn't have the light bulb assemblies for the
> > license plate lights - I ended up having to order them after I had
> > my rear overriders with the holes punched in them. And yes, the rears
> > a slightly more pointier appearance.
> >
> > David
> > 67 BGT
> > 71 BGT
> >
> > >I don't know about the difference between roadster and GT bumpers, if
> > >there is one, but I did find a rather unique overrider from Moss the
> > >last time I ordered.  It was a part numbered as a rear overrider, but
> > >it didn't look quite didn't match the curvature of the
> > >bumper, nor the license plate light plinth curve , and seemed a
> > >little too pointy.  The mystery was solved when I got the front
> > >bumper kit--someone in Taiwan(?) had mixed fronts and rears and
> > >punched out front ones with the light hole...or is this the extremely
> > >rare and costly LeMans repro Special Tuning part?
> > >Chris Attias
> > >'64 MGB

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