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Re: Original MGB costs through the years...?

To: Tab Julius <>
Subject: Re: Original MGB costs through the years...?
From: Barney Gaylord <>
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 21:37:49
At 09:54 PM 12/6/99, Tab Julius wrote:
>What were the original sale prices for MGs during the year of their
manufacturer (roughly), and how did they compare to other cars on the
market?  Would they have been the modern day price equivalent of a Kia, a
Miata, or a BMW Z3?

I was pricing new cars in 1969.  A new MGB then was $3200, and the fresh
Datsun 240Z was $3400.  VW Beetle was still around $1600, and the Chevy
Impalla about $3000 base.  I finally bought a new Austin America in 1969
for under $1900.

A couple of years later I bought a new '72 Ford Pinto hatchback with
optional 2-liter engine for $2100, an a couple more years later a spanking
new loaded '74 Ford Mustang-II Ghia 2.8L-V6 for $3400.  Lots of inflation
by then, with a new Corvette going for around $7000.  By end of production
in '79 the MGB must have been going for that much.  It was really tough to
lay out the cash for the outrageous new prices in the 70's.

Oh, and I have seen a window sticker for a new 1962 MGA roadster, bottom
line then was $2200 with a few options.  When adjusted for inflation, I
think new MG roadsters over the years would price out in comparison about
like a new Miata.

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude

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