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Re: Original MGB costs through the years...?

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Subject: Re: Original MGB costs through the years...?
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 08:41:09 -0800
1980 MGB
List $7950
As tested $8900 (LE package $600, AM/FM stereo $200, dealer prep est. 
Source: R&T 1980

The article further states that this is almost three times its original 
price, and $2000 more than in 1978.

IN 1976, here are some comparable prices (as tested):
MGB roadster $4995
MG Midget $4299 (oooh, that smarts! faster AND cheaper!)
Spitfire $4495
TR7 $5847
Fiat 124 Spider $6045
Fiat X1/9 $5147
Source: R&T 1976

And in 1973...
MGB Roadster (list) $3545
MGB GT $3875
MG Midget $2699 (a bargain... yeah, but it can't keep up this year)
Opel GT $3346
Porsche 914/1.7 $4275
Triumph GT6 $3765
Spitfire $2895
VW Karmann Ghia Coupe $2800
Fiat 124 Spider $3867
Source: R&T 1973

A few more...

1968 MGB Roadster $2947 as tested
1967 MG Midget $2434 as tested

Unfortunately, they don't give a price in their original road test in 

I wouldn't think a 1980 LE was the price equivalent of a Z3. I mean, it 
would still be cheaper than a Datsun Z or an RX-7 at the time, and I 
would think the RX-7 was more the market equivalent of a Z3 (or a little 
less). As I recall it was a pretty inflationary time; even the prices of 
economy cars went up a lot.

Oh, I almost forgot... my 1967 Plymouth Barracuda window sticker:
MSRP $2720
Commando 273 V8 $97.30 (what a deal! less than a $ per HP compared to the 
standard 6)
Torqueflite auto trans $202.05
AM radio $57.35
Disc brakes $69.50
Glove box lock $3.95 (oh, pulleeez!)
Tinted glass windshield $14.05
Remote control outside mirror $6.85
Vacuum gauge $15.30
Undercoating with underhood pad $15.40
Sub total $3201.75
With destination charges $3336.75

Well, it's a *lot* more car than an MG (by about 1200 lbs. and 135HP) for 
about the same money at the time. No wire wheels, though... but you could 
get a convertible! Just goes to show what they were up against.

Mike Lishego had this to say:

>I used to have an original window sticker from a '77 'B with AC.  I
>think the price was about $9,000 but I could be wrong...Enrique
>could tell you better!
>Not sure what that equates to...Maybe a Z3?
>Mike Lishego
>1991 Mazda Miata
>1986 Plymouth Turismo T1
>1984 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE
>1974 MGB
>>Just wondering,
>>What were the original sale prices for MGs during the year of their
>>manufacturer (roughly), and how did they compare to other cars on
>>market?  Would they have been the modern day price equivalent of a
>Kia, a
>>Miata, or a BMW Z3?
>>Unfortunately, in 1980, the last year of manufacture, I think I was
>>a '72 VW bug (another story in itself), and didn't quite have the
>>wherewithal to contemplate buying a new MG, so I never really was
>>of the prices.
>>- Tab


Max Heim
'66 MGB GHN3L76149
If you're near Mountain View, CA,
it's the red one with the silver bootlid.

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