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Re: Miata Seats

To: Florrie & Allen Bachelder <>,
Subject: Re: Miata Seats
From: Jim Boyd <>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 08:12:43 -0800
Hey Don:

This conversion was completed almost two years ago, so my memory ain't what
it used to be!  As I mentioned, I was surprised at the similarity between a
lot of aspects of the B and the Miata.  I believe that if BL had continued
the evolution of the B into the eighties, something similar to the Miata
would have/could have developed.

The seat width was the main thing that struck me:  spot on.  The lower seat
rail (that adjusts forward/rear motion) was angled slightly.  I recall
taking that apart and doing a simple straightening manuever with basic hand
tools.  It also amounted to drilling two new holes on the passenger side
through the floor for the seat mount.  I reinforced the underside with some
thin steel plate and used nylon lock nuts on the bolts.  

Looking at the GT now, it looks like in came from BL with these Miata
seats!  Much more comfortable!
My seats are a nice gray soft material, kind of understated.  No more black
vinyl seats for me!

Jim Boyd
Paradise, CA
At 12:32 AM 12/7/99 -0400, Florrie & Allen Bachelder wrote:
>>From: Jim Boyd <>
>>Hey Listers:
><<snip>>...BTW, I have installed Miata seats in my '67 GT and they were
>almost a
>>direct bolt-in!  The radio speakers in the headrest would be totally
>>awesome in a roadster!  The seats are very supportive & comfortable!
>>Jim Boyd
>' Would love to have an accounting of what "almost" means in this context.
>Please share this!

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