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Suggested future product line up for MG

Subject: Suggested future product line up for MG
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 12:05:48 EST
Ok here is my go at it... lets hear yours and be realistic about floor pans 
and stuff.

Midget- convertible only-  Based on forthcoming Mini floorpan (supposed very 
sporty) and its front wheel drive.  This is now the girls-MG.  Sorry.

Small MG Two-door with a roof... Like an Acura  Integra, again front wheel 
drive and this time based on either the Rover  55 (both yet to be 
introduced.. not the 200/25 and not thre 400/45) Maybe this is the MG A3? 
Just like Audi.  Could sell very well.

MGB class car, on next generation Z-series floor pan (already planned by BMW) 
A GT version would be cool, but nobody would buy it I don't think.. am I 
wrong? I love my MGB-GT but the hatchback market is gone.

MG Magnette, based on the Rover 75.  Perhaps nothing more than a grill 
change, in the Magnette tradition!  

MG Magna, a large sedan car, based on the Rover 110 (the once planned 
stretched 75, but has it gone the way with Bernard P?).  Or it could be a 
reshelled BMW of some sort, they really are nice cars but with arrogant 
assholes for drivers.

Super-MGB or MGR-V8 type car.  Based on some sort of larger BMW platform like 
the Bond car's.. Image builder, high performance, low profit but lends 
credibility to rest of the range.  Would be both luxurious and fast sorta a 

I think that would be an awesomeline up to see at the MG dealer.  

Next string... what design elements are pure MG?


John Elwood
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