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Re: Best source for MGA/B 6 V. batteries?/ 12v

To: Charley & Peggy Robinson <>
Subject: Re: Best source for MGA/B 6 V. batteries?/ 12v
From: "James H. Nazarian" <>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 14:38:20 -0500
As with most things, the rating systems change just to make comparisons
impossible. A pair of 6v batteries isn't even close to the CCA's of a modern
12 v an a nominal 700 CCA's, and it is easy to afford a 12v with nearly 1000
CCA at a K-mart type store for less than $90.

Oh, yea. if you do go for the paired 6v's, don't forget to check the acid
level every week...


Charley & Peggy Robinson wrote:

>   Brrrr, too cold for this southern boy! ;^)
>   When I was in Alaska (Ft. Greeley) one winter, below-zero temps were
> common.  However all the cars had a battery blanket and a block heater.
> The battery blankes ran off the battery, the block heaters were AC and
> people plugged them in to an outlet with a timer on it if the car had to
> be outside. If you had to go to work at 7:30 AM you set the timer for
> 5:30 or so to warm up the block, etc.
>   I seem to remember that those "old technology" 6 volt batteries didn't
> have much greater capacity than the 12 volt batteries we have today.
> Anyone remember?
>   CR

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