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Re: Best source for MGA/B 6 V. batteries?/ 12v

Subject: Re: Best source for MGA/B 6 V. batteries?/ 12v
From: David Councill <>
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 15:37:52 -0700
Not to be a disagreeable old cuss, but where can you find these 1000 cca 
batteries at? I live in Montana and have rarely seen any batteries with 
more than 700-800 cca and that is for the large truck batteries, not 
smaller car batteries. And that is top of the line ($$$). Maybe I'm missing 
something here.

And like my battery vendor (Battery House, they only sell batteries) said - 
the 12V battery that fits in the battery compartment that houses the 6V 
battery, group 24 I believe, only comes in the lower ratings (due to its 
small size??). They told me I would sacrifice cranking amps by going to the 
12v and so far, I've seen nothing to disagree with this. In fact, I looked 
all around town and the 12V batteries I found only came in 350-550 ranges. 
But I'm sure for maybe $100 and a special order, maybe something in a 700 
or 800 CCA can be found. The best I could find was a 550CCA and it cost 
about $70 (the 6V batteries cost $46 each).

As far as 6V leaking acid, I've only had this happen on one battery in 20 
years and uncountable batteries. I generally have gotten 6-7 years on these 
batteries which is comparable to these 12V batteries (at least the 
DieHards, but better than others that have died in less than five years).

If I could find something in a 700CCA or better that would fit in the 6V 
battery case, maybe I would ditch the 6 volt batteries. I am trying the 12V 
in my 71BGT but only because the car is so rusty that I've gotten cheap 
with it.  We'll see how it handles the cold.

Around here, its not cold until its below zero - fahrenheit.

71 BGT
67 BGT

>As with most things, the rating systems change just to make comparisons
>impossible. A pair of 6v batteries isn't even close to the CCA's of a modern
>12 v an a nominal 700 CCA's, and it is easy to afford a 12v with nearly 1000
>CCA at a K-mart type store for less than $90.
>Oh, yea. if you do go for the paired 6v's, don't forget to check the acid
>level every week...

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