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Re: Suggested future product line up for MG

Subject: Re: Suggested future product line up for MG
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 00:05:58 EST

In a message dated 12/7/99 11:44:57 PM, writes:

<< >Midgette roadster.  Built cheap to compare with the Miata on the Z3
>pan.  Styling should remind us of a midget with a retro style chrome
>grille, round headlights set high like the original Bugeyes.  Should
>look all-Brit with no Japanese styling influence.  Maybe a peppy
>inline four with full aftermarket race support for autocrossers

The MIDGETTE?!? Built cheap to compare with Miata, and (deep breath) the $32k 
BMW Z3? I think the name makes me sicker than the price. Man, the Midget was 
about very, very simple sports car motoring, a notion that is simply too 
impractical for ANY automaker to reproduce at a price for mere mortals to 
afford, not to mention meeting current government safety standards. The 
Midget as we remember it could never be replicated in a way that could 
possibly do the original concept any justice. 

We all know the Miata was modeled closely after the Lotus Elan, whose closest 
MG competition was the MGB. Today's market simply would not accept any sports 
car less than a modern MGB (like today's MGF) in terms of size and comfort, 
at least in America. 

The Midget is a car whose time has come and gone. Let us not bastardize her 
memory with a decontented BMW Z3 with faux Bug Eye headlights and sell her 
for $25,000. Anyhow, I think I may have to spend some time with my car 
now....let her know she is loved...

78 Midget rubber bumpered, but no BMW

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