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Re: Suggested future product line up for MG

Subject: Re: Suggested future product line up for MG
From: Robert Haigney <>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 9:12:50 -0800
Here's some news I just heard through the grapevine, Nike is doing design your 
own runners on the web, where you create your own shoe and they build it for 
you, not much for us, but Mr. Dell, the computer guy is supposedly teaming up 
with a car manufacturer to do custom design cars.....>!!!!!!!!

Just think of the possibilites, the computer capability is already there, the 
manufacturing side just needs to catch up...!!

Robert. on 12/07/99 05:10:17 PM

Subject:        Re: Suggested future product line up for MG

OK, here's what Lishego would like to see in the new MG line...

I think BMW should market the BMW's to the socialites and make the
MG line an extension of their performance cars.  The price would be
comparable to the BMW line, but instead of spending the money on the
name, people would be drawn to the MG line by the lure of killer

MGB II roadster built on the platform of the 3-series.  Styling that
incorporates the current trend of hard angles tempered with soft
curves (ala Ford Mustang and Toyota Celica).  I'd like to see
something muscular, yet British.  It would have to have an
inline-turbo engine with an intercooler, six speed stick and at
least 200 horses.  Rear wheel drive, with options limited to two
packages - Sebring (for the boy-racer in all of us) and LX, for the
socialite climber.

Midgette roadster.  Built cheap to compare with the Miata on the Z3
pan.  Styling should remind us of a midget with a retro style chrome
grille, round headlights set high like the original Bugeyes.  Should
look all-Brit with no Japanese styling influence.  Maybe a peppy
inline four with full aftermarket race support for autocrossers

Next, a MG ZZ wagon.  Yes, I said wagon.  Really plush, shares
styling cues with current BMW's, but with fender flares, different
front end treatment, and badder wheels.  Leather interior and
creature comforts for the office exec who doesn't think a Catera can
zig like THIS.  Blown V-6, dual exhaust, sliding full-roof sunroof
in the webasto tradition.  Real wood trim coupled with real

Finally, a MG T Highline.  Basically, a foreign version of the
Prowler - what a T-series would be after a few years in a custom
hotrod shop.  Blown V8 or NA V-12 that can compete with the Ferraris
running around the cul de sac.  Styling would hold T-series cues and
extensive chrome while ditching the skinny wheels.  Market this one
just like the Prowler - to the 50ish guy who's got more money than
hair.  Perfect midlife crisis vehicle.

Now, did I draw on any of the MG prototypes?

Has anyone ever seen the episode of the Simpsons when Homer designs
a car?  Does this remind you of that?  8-)

Mike Lishego
1991 Mazda Miata
1986 Plymouth Turismo T1
1984 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE
1974 MGB

>Geez, this reads like a bad compliation of all the MG protype
>presented in various motoring magazines from the last 6 years...
>Let's at least be original in our ideas, and give credit for other

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