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Re: Seat Belt Retractor

To: MG List <>
Subject: Re: Seat Belt Retractor
From: David Tulchinsky <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 12:54:33 -0500
>The number to call on the seat belt recall is 800-905-1050. Have 
>your vehicle VIN#
>handy as they require it to process your request.
>Frank "Swamp Yankee" Krajewski
>Bob Hill wrote:
> > Apparently I missed that e-mail post.  My server messed up last week and I
> > lost some e-mail and apparently that was one of them.  COuld someone
> > forward it to me.  I would appreciate it very much
> >

I just called.  My 1977 MGB was on the list so they have my name too for the
updated seat belts.

I asked about who was eligible and how long it would be and she said that they
are waiting on a patent to come through and it might  be a while.  Also, she
said some of the cars from 1977-1980 are the ones being covered.

Hope this is enough info  for others to get their seat belts fixed.

'77B in pieces, waiting for paint.

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