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Re: lucased again.....

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Subject: Re: lucased again.....
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Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 11:49:46 -0000
Not so much Lucassed as Ownered.  It's true it is a weak point, but the
factory instructions say that the clamp-bolt should not be used to set the
timing and it frequently is.  The holes in the clamp-plate for the bolts to
the block are large enough to give quite a large range of adjustment and it
is these that should be slackened to fine-tune the timing, not the
clamp-bolt.  The first time a distributor is put in the engine the
clamp-plate should be lightly tightened in the mid-point of its travel and
the timing set with a loose clamp-bolt, which should then be lightly
tightened.  The distributor and clamp-plate
should then be removed together and a check made that the clamp-plate is
fully seated on the distributor shoulder before tightening the clamp-bolt -
without overtightening.  The assembly should then be replaced and the final
timing adjustment done with slack clamp-plate to block bolts.  Thereafter
all timing adjustments, including after removal of the
distributor/clamp-plate assembly, including if the engine has been rotated,
and including replacement of points with the same type (as long as dwell is
set before timing) should be capable of being made within the movement of
the clamp-plate to block.


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Subject: lucased again.....

>      Hay guys.
>      I got lucased again yesterday.  On the weekend, on the way home from
> the the usual  seasonal get-togethers the car started to miss and then
> then run ok for a little while, then it lost a cylinder, coghed, cleared
and run
> so-so.  I limped it home and left it until monday, I had the day off and
> it was probabbly only the points.  Monday dawns, I go out fire it up and
> runss for a moment and coughs and dies.  Hmmm whats going on under there,
> the bonnet and peer in.   Then ask myself  why is the distributor sitting
on the
> chassis rail....

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