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Re: lucased again.....

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Subject: Re: lucased again.....
From: "Eric Zambori" <>
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 11:45:56 -0500
I found that the distributor clamp bolt was very hard to get to with a
wrench and once the wrench was on it you could turn it very little.  I made
it a little easier by changing the bolt to a socket head bolt so I can use
an Allen Wrench on it.  If you use an Allen Wrench that has a ball end it
makes it that much easier still.

Eric Z.

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Date: Tuesday, December 21, 1999 4:31 PM
Subject: RE: lucased again.....

>     Thanks for the great info Guys,  I usually dont touch the timimg,
>that for the mechanics. But will remember for later use.  Though have got
rid of
>the Lucas Dissy for now, buy who knows when another car may come along...
>Melbourne, Australia
>Not so much Lucassed as Ownered.  It's true it is a weak point, but the
>factory instructions say that the clamp-bolt should not be used to set the
>timing and it frequently is.  The holes in the clamp-plate for the bolts to
>the block are large enough to give quite a large range of adjustment and it
>is these that should be slackened to fine-tune the timing, not the
>clamp-bolt.  The first time a distributor is put in the engine the
>clamp-plate should be lightly tightened in the mid-point of its travel and
>the timing set with a loose clamp-bolt, which should then be lightly
>tightened.  The distributor and clamp-plate
>should then be removed together and a check made that the clamp-plate is
>fully seated on the distributor shoulder before tightening the clamp-bolt -
>without overtightening.  The assembly should then be replaced and the final
>timing adjustment done with slack clamp-plate to block bolts.  Thereafter
>all timing adjustments, including after removal of the
>distributor/clamp-plate assembly, including if the engine has been rotated,
>and including replacement of points with the same type (as long as dwell is
>set before timing) should be capable of being made within the movement of
>the clamp-plate to block.

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