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Re: Mig Welders

To: Vallely <>
Subject: Re: Mig Welders
From: Elliott DeGraff <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 15:58:25 -0500
Well, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a Hobart Handler 175, 220
volt MIG welder from Roberts Oxygen (Mid-Atlantic chain of welding
stores) on special at $565.  The consensus seemed to be that the
low?-cost, low end welders had barely enough oomph to do the job, and
the next step up, such as the Lincoln SP-125-Plus would cost more than
the Hobart, by the time I added the gas regulator and hose.  Since I
have 220 volts available where I plan to do the welding, the decision
was obvious.  Thanks for all the help and advice.  I'll let you know how
it goes as I start cutting out rust and replacing it with metal.

Vallely wrote:
> Elliott--
> I have a Weld-pack 100 and it's adequate for my mga, but if I had it to do
> over, I'd look for more amperage, and probaly spend more and get a 220 volt
> machine. If you have a place in which to wire up a 220 circuit (not hard),
> it'll probably be more serviceable over time.
> Also, whatever you buy, I'd be sure to get a model that has no current to
> the electrode unless the trigger is depressed.
> John Vallely
> Elliott DeGraff wrote:
> > I've been looking at MIG welders so I can replace sills and floors in my
> > 71B. Lowes has a Campbell Hausfeld MIG welder (model WG3000, 85 amps)
> > with everything you need except the bottle of shielding gas for $289.
> > The specs appear similar to the Lincoln Weld Pak 100. Has anyone had
> > experience with this make or model MIG welder?   Thanks for your advice.
> >
> > Elliott DeGraff
> > 2 71Bs

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