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Re: Mig Welders

To: "Elliott DeGraff" <>, "Vallely" <>
Subject: Re: Mig Welders
From: "David Hill" <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 23:40:51 -0000

I have a type which is useful for bodywork-you could practise this whilst
learning to use your new machine.

Where you have a lap joint, such as the sill joints, you can make a neat job
by copying spot welds. To do this, drill or punch holes in the flange of one
panel (the side you intend to wedl from). Clamp the panels together and fill
the hole you have made, catching the panel underneath as you go.

This is plug welding. It takes some practise but, if you get the settings
and penetration right, there's little or no grinding and-should the need
arise-you can remove the panel again.

Have Fun


David Hill/Psychomotor
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