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Re: Not much chance..

Subject: Re: Not much chance..
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 11:54:07 EST
Will you settle for the morning after?
By remote starter I assume you mean the push button on the solonoid that 
early MG's had.  
First check the voltage at the battery side of the solonoid.  Should read 
battery voltage.  Push the button and check for voltage at the starter side 
of the solonoid.  Next check for voltage at the starter with the button 
pushed.  If Voltage is present at all points then suspect the starter.  At 
all points you should have oh say 10 Volts or above (higher is better)  If 
you get a reading below 9-10V you probably don't have enough oomph (a 
technical term) to operate the starter.  This wold indicate low batteries or 
voltage drops in the circuit.   If voltage is missing somewhere the the item 
directly before would be the culprit .  Starters can get dead spots, you 
might try removing the starter and rotating the starter a few degrees and see 
if that  makes any difference.
If I were to guess from where I sit I would guess solonoid as the contact 
points inside can get pitted and cause a large voltage drop.
Good Luck
Rick Ewald

In a message dated 12/26/1999 3:46:36 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> of getting this answered on Xmas, but what the heck. :)
>  I was reassembling the MGA's cylinder head and ancilliaries today and was
>  using the 'remote starter' (if you know what I mean) in the engine bay to
>  turn the motor over. All of a sudden the starter motor stopped working. 
>  as a dodo. Batteries are fine, all other electrical systems are working.
>  Ideas? I guess the starter motor could have died as it looks ancient like
>  the rest of the car - but how and what else can I check to pin point the
>  problem? I hate electrics. <G>
>  Cheers,
>  Neil.

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