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Re: MGB aerodynamics

Subject: Re: MGB aerodynamics
From: Eric <>
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 22:33:33 +0000 wrote:
> So far I've only lost (and
> retrieved) the hat once although its come pretty close several 
> times, usually when passing a truck going in the other direction on 
> a two-lane  blacktop.  Anyone fitted a restraining strap?

Yes, you have to find the 'right' cap to wear.  Some just don't sit far
enough down on your head to hold securely - there is nothing worse than
having to keep 'catching' your cap as it is just a bout to lift off (and
it can't be good for concentrating on the road).  But when you find that
'right' cap, it becomes your favourite driving apparel :-)

As for "a restraining strap", I saw a bloke and his kid driving with a
ribbon tied to the adjusting strap at the back of the cap and around
their neck.  It looked odd to me (certainly not 'cool') but could do the
trick - I worried about the strangulation potential in the wrong
situations, though.

Adelaide, South Australia

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