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Re: MGB aerodynamics

Subject: Re: MGB aerodynamics
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 10:55:17 EDT
In a message dated 10/04/01 7:23:21 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

> Billl,
> You didn't want to use your teeth to catch the bugs?! :o)))
> Dan
> >  I've also had my MGA to 130 mph (once a lap at certain tracks), and
> that's a 
> >  lot more exciting, (and it gets there quicker than the 'C'), but with no 
> >  

The helmet is mandatory (for catching brains) but believe me, the impact of a 
Junebug at over 100 mph more than offsets any temptation to investigate it's 
nutrient content. As a matter of fact, I run a low windscreen (and used to 
run a 1" 'cheater' screen, true to the rules if not the spirit of them, or so 
I was informed by Tech). I also sit as low as I can, so that I am looking 
over the screen by a couple of inches. I can tell you that when a competitor 
ahead of you inadvertently hits the gravel, you are searching for a few extra 
millimeters to shrink out of the way of flying stones. I have had helmets 
chipped from such, and would not have welcomed one in the clear visor.

Figure it out - if I am travelling at 100 mph, and the guy ahead of me picks 
up a stone in his tire, which is going the same speed, and fires it back at 
me, that makes a speed differential of 200 mph. Reminds me of trying to run 
an obstacle course while someone is shooting at you. At least the bugs are 
only going 100 mph!


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