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Re: vintage plates

To: David Councill <>
Subject: Re: vintage plates
From: "Larry B. Macy" <>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 00:24:48 -0400
Ah yes the proverbial April Snow. When I was growing up in Wy (just south of
Montana for those geographically challenged) it snowed every April. My da is
a CPA and always took a trip right after tax season, and it always snowed.
One year I took the Ford station wagon out to the grocery store just to get
some Hershey's Chocolate Chips to make cookies and I got the wagon major
league stuck in a drift. Burnt out reverse in the auto tranny trying to get
it unstuck. Well I just got my license that year, took FOREVER to pay off
the $750 repair and tow. Well it seemed like forever anyway ;-).

BTW cool plates David.


>> In the process of getting the title processed for my recently acquired 72B
>> body (drivetrain to come from my wrecked 71BGT), I ended up getting my
>> 67BGT certified as an official Montana vintage automobile a few weeks ago.
>> The lady processing the title suggested I get vintage plates for the 72 but
>> then she realized it wasn't quite old enough, it has to be at least 30
>> years. I then said that I could do it for my 67BGT which I also needed to
>> renew license plates on. I had thought about personalized plates like "67
>> MGBGT" or something similar but these vintage plates sounded pretty cool.
>> Well I got the plates in the mail and put them on the car yesterday. Then
>> of course I had to drive it around town with the new plates. Today, I went
>> and took a few pictures just as the snow was starting to fly. You can see
>> it at:
>> I also have a set of Colorado classic car plates that were on the car when
>> I bought it from a guy in Ft. Collins two years ago. Overall, a fairly nice
>> car.
>> David
>> 67 BGT
>> 71 BGT (wrecked)
>> 72 B (restoration project)
>> 65 B (son's car)
they are dupes, this trailer may also catch them.)

Larry Macy
78 Midget

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