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Re: New British Car club

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Subject: Re: New British Car club
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Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 00:52:49 -0400


On 4/13/01 10:51 AM, "Lawrie Alexander" <> wrote:

> Edwin,
> You did not mention whether your club has activities other than these shows
> twice a year. I certainly hope that was an oversight!
> IMNSHO, after twenty five years of club involvement, the secret of success
> for any car club is for the events to include lots of opportunities to drive
> the darned things! Sunday morning tours for brunch, all-day drives that end
> up at a restaurant or member's home for a barbecue, even weekend drives
> which include an overnight stay at somewhere interesting. Competitive
> rallies, from treasure hunts to complex TSD events; funkhana driving skill
> tests; hill-climbs or sprints; all are other things the well-organized club
> puts on to keep members happy and attract new ones.
> If the focus is purely on organizing events that are static displays of
> cars, you'll end up with a club whose members are overly concerned with
> making their cars pretty rather than driving and enjoying them, the
> perpetual losers in the car shows will lose interest in the club, and any
> spectators (and potential customers for those vendors you are trying to
> attract) will soon get tired of seeing the same of few cars on display.

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