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Re: Stereo sound

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Subject: Re: Stereo sound
From: "Warren Pruitt" <>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 12:01:42 -0400
My experience with the chrome bumper models is that only the 4" speakers
will fit and the depth has to be <1-1/2". This narrows down your potential
speaker selections dramatically. JBL made a component 4" speaker with a
seperate tweeter which fit perfectly and when combined with a 6" Bazooka
subwoofer and sufficient amp is really nice (no thumping from the sub like
urbanites, just nice clean sound). Unfortunatley they no longer make this
speaker or anything comparable. You can still find these speakers fairly
cheap on the web since they are discontinuued. I bought an extra pair and
put them in the attic. The model no. is JBL GTO 4.2c.

In regards to the head unit, the depth is critical because the rubber
defroster elbows are in the way. I have installed Kenwood cd receivers in
two, a 69 and a 70 and have had to remove the rt. side elbow on each.
Otherwise it is a nice clean fit.

If you choose to use a subwoofer and amp, the amp can be placed in the trunk
on the bulkhead, and in the GT it can be placed hanging upside down on the
lift panel with the spare. The sub can be placed behind the driver or
passenger seat if you are not too long-legged.

If you would like I can post photos on my website. Hope this is of help.

'69 GT
'70 Rdstr

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