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Re: Stereo sound

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Subject: Re: Stereo sound
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Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 20:49:49 -0300

I can see the hoses you were talking about behind your dash the were
interfering with your stereo installation. Are they not A/C specific?
The hoses in my car are not so big nor so visible. (much higher up inside
the dash).

Nice photo, by the way......I have to learn how to better use the "manual"
feature of my digital camera. All the photos I have taken of my dash look
like your wallpaper photo.......artistic and great wallpaper material, but
impossible to see the detail that you have in the shot of your stereo - A/C

Nice to see the flowers in the shot of your car: we still have snow on the
ground. I think we get flowers here too, sometimes, far as I can
remember.....not sure when.


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> Pics of stereo and recent A/C addition to GT up on website. Also have MG
> cockpit wallpaper available. Same photo as on home page. Link below:
> Warren

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