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Re: Stereo sound

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Subject: Re: Stereo sound
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Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 15:41:10 -0300
Joe and Warren;

I have 5 1/4" rounds in the doors of my chrome bumper, but I used shims
covered with black fuzzy material that I got from an auto stereo shop to
cover the edge. The shims I cut out of 3/4" plywood, which gave the speakers
plenty of clearance, but I had to be careful where I located them so they
didn't interfere with my hand when using the window winder. I have a black
interior, so the speakers and their mounts look great.

Regarding the in-dash unit, almost any DIN spec. unit will fit, with the
corners of the stock radio opening requiring squaring up with a file to
allow the unit a good fit. I have a Panasonic Stereo Radio/CD player with a
removable face in mine, and it slid right in there with no trouble or
interference with heater ducts at all.

Overall, there are a lot of ways to do this; a walk through the line-up at a
field meet will reveal the diversity/creativity of LBC owners when
installing sound equipment. Fitting the unit in the dash should not be one
of your problems.

Dave Munroe

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> Joe,
> My experience with the chrome bumper models is that only the 4" speakers
> will fit and the depth has to be <1-1/2". This narrows down your potential
> speaker selections dramatically. JBL made a component 4" speaker with a
> seperate tweeter which fit perfectly and when combined with a 6" Bazooka
> subwoofer and sufficient amp is really nice (no thumping from the sub like
> urbanites, just nice clean sound). Unfortunatley they no longer make this
> speaker or anything comparable. You can still find these speakers fairly
> cheap on the web since they are discontinuued. I bought an extra pair and
> put them in the attic. The model no. is JBL GTO 4.2c.
> In regards to the head unit, the depth is critical because the rubber
> defroster elbows are in the way. I have installed Kenwood cd receivers in
> two, a 69 and a 70 and have had to remove the rt. side elbow on each.
> Otherwise it is a nice clean fit.
> If you choose to use a subwoofer and amp, the amp can be placed in the
> on the bulkhead, and in the GT it can be placed hanging upside down on the
> lift panel with the spare. The sub can be placed behind the driver or
> passenger seat if you are not too long-legged.
> If you would like I can post photos on my website. Hope this is of help.

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