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Re: Almost enough cooling

To: Larry Colen <>
Subject: Re: Almost enough cooling
From: David Ambrose <>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 19:27:23 -0700
Larry Colen wrote:
> At the racetrack, my MGBs temperature guage will run up almost to the
> "hot" mark at the far right. It doesn't actually overheat, and it did
> start reading higher when I replaced the last broken temp sensor, but
> it still makes me uncomfortable. Should I
> a) Find a trashed MG radiator and get it rebuilt with an extra row.
>    If so, anybody in the bay area got a core that they're willing to
>    sell cheap?
        British Motorsports in Campbell sold me an improved radiator that works
well for San Diego summers.

> b) Install some other make and model of radiator that is bigger and
>    will just happen to fit? If so, what's the trick setup that the
>    "real racers" use?

        I've heard that some Mazda (MX6??) radiators will drop right in and
provide more cooling. Again, ask Dave at British Motorsports.


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