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Re: Club Membership (was Re: Very Interesting)

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Subject: Re: Club Membership (was Re: Very Interesting)
From: Barney Gaylord <>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 22:10:51 -0500
At 10:20 AM 4/15/2001 -0400, Barrie Robinson wrote:
>Isn't it strange how people think being big is a good thing??  It's like
this "world class" syndrome.

This is mostly out of curiosity, but I'm not at all sure what you're
getting at here.  Are you implying that big is not good?  Or otherwise that
people just tend to think big in general?

My prior message mentioned lots of single mark and single model clubs, as
well as a few larger clubs, and each to his own.  The reason that our local
club changed from a single model club to a single mark club was because
there seemed to be a general lack of activity in some of the smaller clubs
for the models they were supposed to serve.  Our club is particularly
active with lots of events going on.  As such, the change to single mark
all-inclusive was intended as an extended service to MG owners (other than
MGB) who may not otherwise have had much access to club activities.  (I
hope that came out sounding right).

Many of our current members are also members of other clubs, including some
single model clubs.  I don't think we are "stealing the thunder" so to
speak, just expanding the opportunities.  I don't recall ever hearing any
mention of any other club suffering loss of membership due to our club
growing.  In fact many of our events are open invitational, which gives the
smaller clubs and their members an opportunity to participate in such
activities which might not otherwise be available to them.

Some of the earlier club members weren't particularly enthused about the
change at the time, rather liked the old club the way it was.  In
retrospect I think we did the right thing, as the larger club is still a
very friendly environment, and the extended family is getting along quite
well.  In the time since the change the number of our club activities has
just about doubled along with the membership, so there is no lack of things
to do, plenty of capacity to have everyone involved, and a nice diversity
of activities as well.  So far it doesn't seem to be getting out of hand,
so all is still well with the world.

Barney Gaylord
Chicagoland MG Club

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