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Re: WAS: New owners information - NOW Splines

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Subject: Re: WAS: New owners information - NOW Splines
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 18:10:29 -0700
I wouldn't say it's subjective. Think of looking at a gear or sprocket --
all the teeth are symmetrical, right? Then think of a buzz saw blade -- each
tooth is angled in one direction, with a sharp point. Well, that's the

For the wheels, rust around the nipples and where the spoke goes into the
hub are signs of non-maintenance, and possibly of impending trouble
(although to some extent it's hard to avoid). Tap each spoke lightly with a
small metal tool, held loosely, and listen for a consistent tone. A dull
clunk indicates an out-of-tune spoke -- a broken spoke will be pretty

(But actually, I don't think the original poster said the car in question
HAD wire wheels -- he said it was at a showroom called Wire Wheels, or
something like that)

on 4/17/01 12:51 PM, Gary Davis at wrote:

>>>> <> 04/17/01 01:35PM >>>
> "Sharp, angled edges on the splines are a certain predictor of, as Flight
> International calls it, a sudden, sharp "twang" one day in the not too
> distant future as both hub and splines strip."
> Other than the sharp, angled edges on the splines (which could be somewhat
> subjective), are there other ways to determine whether your splines/wire
> wheels are on their way out?  Any noises?
> Gary Davis
> 70 BGT 


Max Heim
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