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metal dash in a later car

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Subject: metal dash in a later car
From: Jim Stuart <>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 21:02:18 -0400
I tried the list several times to find a European (left hand drive)
version of the later metal dash to fit to a '78 MGB, but was
unsuccessful. All you Brits out there let me down, & I now find they are
common at the auto-jumbles.

I finally fitted the '67 US metal dash to my '78, but it is not a bolt
in. The US cars from 1968 on have a shorter cowl from the windshield to
the back side of the dash to accommodate the additional padding. I
cannot say for sure, but I believe the Home market & Euro cars up to
around 1975 or so had the longer cowl, so the Euro dash I was looking
for would not have helped me from the standpoint of fit, but I did like
the gauge & switch layout better.

The shape of the cowl flange to which the dash bolts is also different
between metal & foam dash cars.  In order to fit the early dash to a
later car, you must use the cowl section from the early car or fabricate
the equivalent. Minor considerations are different size,  shape, &
location of the defroster  vents, differences in the size & mounting of
the steering column, & the plastic surround. It is not difficult to
switch the early steering column, but then you must use the early turn
signal switch, 1 speed wiper on the dash, manual washer pump, etc. The
late column is too large for the opening in the metal dash, and the
surround is longer than the distance to the face of the dash.
Additionally, the late column surround partially obscures the tach &

As I said, it is not a bolt in, but it can be done.

Jim Stuart
1974 BGT V8 4.2 Conversion
1978/67 MGB V8 3.5 Conversion

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