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Re: Cars with names, was something else

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Subject: Re: Cars with names, was something else
From: <> (Scott Regel)
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 10:01:51 EST
My parents had names for their cars.  But I never named any of my various 20 
or so cars over the years.  Sure there was Dad's car and Mom's car or the 
Honda or the VW.  But when I got my 76 B things changed.  My 11 year old son 
declared that this car was different and deserved a name.  I thought for a 
long time and couldn't come up with anything.  Then after my wife's continual 
complaining about the oil spots in the drive way I found the name for my 
B..."Spot."  It seemed appropriate and it stuck.  This is my first car ever 
with a name and I agree with my deserves a name.  It is not like any 
of the other cars in the family.  It provides much happiness like an old 
friend.  Just my 2 cents before someone spews!!! ;-)  Flame suit on!


76B Spot

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