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Re: mgb vs spitfire

To: "Bill Saidel" <>, <>
Subject: Re: mgb vs spitfire
From: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 13:07:19 -0400
> Can someone or ones generate a comparison of either a CBB (which I am in
> the lookout mode for) or a RBB (which I might be loathe to replace because
> it is my 1st) with a Spitfire?  I guess I am at least looking for info on
> price, potential availability, ease of repair, ride, and anything else
> you might have to say.
> Bill

I think the MGB wins out over the Spitfire in nearly every respect but seat
of the pants handling.  As Allen note the Spits have a swing axle rear
suspension up until about 1969 or so... these can be quite dangerous in the
Spitfire if taking a bend too quickly.  However, for $150 you can buy a
camber compensator and remove the danger aspect while retaining glorious
go-kart handling.

Interior room the B wins, fewer shakes and rattles in the B also.  The B is
the stiffer car (result of the monocoque body).

Mechanically the B wins also.  Superior power, and nearly bullet-proof.
Spitfire gearboxes and differentials aren't known for a long life at all.
Engines started to become junk after 1969, when they eliminated cam bearings
among other things.  1500 motors (as in the midget) can have thrust washer
trouble (typical Triumph illness).

Rust?  About the same for both.

Ease of repairability... Spit wins.  Nothing like lifting a bonnet and
having access to nearly everything EVERYTHING!

I think the MGB is the better choice.


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