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Re: mgb vs spitfire

To: Dave Quirt <>
Subject: Re: mgb vs spitfire
From: Trevor Boicey <>
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 22:41:11 -0400
Dave Quirt wrote:
> Trevor:
> I gotta disagree with you. What you are describing (with respect to a
> driver's entire body view) best describes a TR3, not a Spit!! Yes, Spits
> are a 'poor man's E-type' and are smaller, but they are actually quite
> roomy when compared to a Spridget.

  I'm more commenting on their visual presence than their

  The proportions don't work well when people are in
the frame. Like, you look on a web site for Spitfire
pics and they look nice, but somebody drives by in
one and it looks like a kid's ride outside a grocery

  Throw in 25 cents and the spitfire tosses
and turns. Wheee! One more ride Mommy!

  Other cars have pulled off the small car thing
better by remembering that the car is small. MG
Midgets, Fiats, and so on.

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