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Re: Brit Car Auction, 4/28... For NY/NJ/CT/PA Listers.... Web

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Subject: Re: Brit Car Auction, 4/28... For NY/NJ/CT/PA Listers.... Web
From: "Michael Lupynec" <>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 17:51:42 -0400
If this auction is a scam then it's an OLD scheme or angle,
therefore not a NEW gimmick :)  Besides Kai says it's not a
gimmick. He's obviously somehow involved although I did not see a
conflict of interest disclaimer. It may be they are taking on
public consignments. If so, that would be nice to know.

I was planning a drive down from Toronto, (combined with a
Catskill or Manhattan visit with the OH), but have opted out. My
long experience with most auctions is that there is always price
protection, with reserves or schills, and often enough with
unrestrained wet-pants bidders.  A bankruptcy auction that is
creditor driven, and to some degree regulated, is a better bet.
(Creditors rarely expect to see even 50 cents on the inventory
retail dollar).

Notice the M&G web page auction banner has no details on the
reasons for or terms of the auction. Only 17 cars listed out of 50
claimed. Mostly with no pics unless u assume some from their full
inventory list.

Like Dan, prepared to be humbled nxt wk.

Mike L

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From: Dan DiBiase

> Not to get heavily into etymology here - but Mirriam-Websters
> dictionary has the following for one of its definitions of
"gimmick" -
> "an ingenious and usually new scheme or angle"
> I think that fits, don't you?
> I guess this 'partial' auction makes sense in light of the small
amount of
> car inventory listed for the auction. I have an acquaintance
looking at
> MGB's and I know they generally have a larger selection than
they list in
> their site (i.e., NONE). I didn't want to recommend these guys,
> having heard some of the war stories about dealing with them. I
> still go up there myself looking for interesting parts for my
'65 B if I
> didn't have several other commitments on Saturday.... If anyone
does go,
> how about a brief report next week? Tell me what I missed!
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