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Re: Rough Running TD

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Subject: Re: Rough Running TD
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 15:10:53 -0700
They probably thought they'd do you a favor and clean the engine. Hence,
water in the distributor cap. Really dry it out, using a hairdryer if
necessary, and see if that helps.

They might well have overfilled the oil (check the dipstick?) but it
couldn't have "caused" oil on the plugs. Might as well change 'em all out
while you're at it, though.

on 4/24/01 1:50 PM, Mike Razor at wrote:

> Took TD to local garage that works on my cars.  They changed the oil
> and the car just barely ran home.  Took out a plug and took it to a
> local parts house to get a replacement set to see if that would
> improve the performance.  The guy at the parts house said it looked
> like the plug had oil on it.  Put them in and it ran no better.  Could
> the garage overfilled the car?  And would it get up in the plugs.  Car
> was running like a champ when I pulled in yesterday and look s**t when
> I pulled out.  Went back to the garage and they said to much oil would
> not foul out the plugs.  I did not think it could get up there unless
> I had a cracked ring on the car.  Checked the dizzy cap and it was
> pretty wet inside, and number one plug is not firing.  I am guessing
> that is where the problem is.  Any ideas?


Max Heim
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If you're near Mountain View, CA,
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