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Re: Rough Running TD

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Subject: Re: Rough Running TD
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Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 21:45:02 -0400
I think this is the cause of my problem.  The front carb was leaking
gasoline onto the manifold (again) and the garage guy tried to tighten
it up a little and chewed up the gasket.  This chewed up gasket
allowed a much greater amount of gasoline to begin dropping on the hot
manifold, the mech hosed down the manifold and I am assuming that some
of the over spray wetted down the ignition system.  Compressed air
removed a lot of water from inside the dizzy cap.  I wonder why I
still have only one cylinder firing, my guess is still wet.  They did
not spray that much water, but it must have been enough.  In the
morning I will get some new plugs and sneak my wife's hair dryer out
there and dry it out.  I left the dizzy cap off for night, but in KY
in is never very dry.
He did fix the carb gasket with an a/c gasket that sealed the leak.  I
asked him what it came off of and he did not know, he dug it out of a
box he keeps.  All four plugs were fouled, so I am guessing his repair
job on the carb would have effected only the front carbs.  Is this
Thanks to all who responded.  I will keep you posted.

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